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Black Bird Singing in the Dead of Night || Victorian AU || Sebastian and James



“Do me a favour, would you?” The prince strolled over to the bed coated in silken blue sheets, where he sat down and glanced at the knight. “Inform Maurice,” he refered to one of the other knights, “that he is to wait before the corridor and that if anyone should pester him about the Prince’s disappearance he is to refuse any sort of answer. If it is my father, he shall say that the Prince had to use the restroom and would be back shortly. Afterwards, you are to return to this room and to keep me company, because bluntly spoken, I am eager for attention, but none from all these obnoxious women at this event. I require entertainment of the mind, not of the sight – though that is indeed favourable.” James stopped abruptly, smiling at the man apologetically. “Oh. Excuse my rambling; we shall continue this talk when you have returned from your assignment, Sebastian.”

The second Sebastian left, Jim took off the satin shawl and the upper part of his royal attire. The candles gave the room an eerie atmosphere that was indeed to Jim’s liking, just as the knight had said. He worried about Sebastian’s reaction, he was nervous about the time they would spend alone in a tight space as this bedroom. But as his knight, Sebastian was to obey Jim’s every order, no matter what, which meant that the Prince had nothing to be worried about. 

Sebastian blinked, dumbfounded, and stared at the prince for a long moment. Too long. But the words weren’t registering. Not as they should, at least. And finally, when Prince James had finished speaking and had dismissed Sebastian for the last time, the knight finally turned on his heel and headed out of the room. He rambled back and forth to himself, speaking gibberish and shaking his head when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Immediately he reached for his sword, looking up into a familiar set of grey eyes. "Are you favourable, Sir Moran?" Seb’s eyes went wide.

"Favourable?" He nearly shrieked the word at Maurice. Sir O’Dell. "Why would you use that word? Why would you ask me that question?" Seb shook his head. He really was going off the deep end. "Apologies," he interrupted the other night as he was trying to inform Seb that he was merely requesting over his well being. "Prince James has ordered that you stand at the end of this corridor." He finished with the rest of the instructions and started back down the hall. He stopped when he heard Maurice call his name. "I am to stand on the balcony to make sure nobody tries to sneak up. The prince is somewhat paranoid this evening for some reason. Worry not. We shall keep him protected and alone." Sir O’Dell didn’t even consider questioning Seb’s explanation and merely turned his attention back to the party while Seb slipped back into the room.

His eyes took a moment to readjust to the light so that when he finally took in the form of the prince, he took a single step back. Years of training had taught him propriety when it came to the royals. And he was damn good at his job. “Your Highness. If you were warm, I could have opened a door for you.” It wasn’t overly heated in the room, however, even to Sebastian in his excessive layers. “Is there something I can assist you with? Since you required my presence back in the room?” 

Perhaps it was within a knight’s nature to be naïve regarding such matters, even more so when a member of a royal family was concerned. Sebastian would understand eventually; and until then, James would make do with the pleasure of Sebastian’s presence.

“Please, sit,” he motioned to the spot beside him. The Prince anticipated the hesitation of his knight, as no knight before has ever been asked to sit beside a Prince on a silken bed. “Have you ever seen the sky in all its beauty, Sebastian?” He stroked his hand over the silk, slightly leaned forwards. The candle light accentuated the contours of his face, as they did with Sebastian’s own. As James gazed at Sebastian, he saw the reflection of the flickering flames.  

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When you see someone you were once close to on your dash and they want nothing to do with you anymore so you just have to sit and 


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Simon Van Booy, Everything Beautiful Began Again

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"People with dark personalities tend to create a physically attractive veneer."

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